Create Your Best Life with the Magical Manifestation Method

The key is to maintain focus and take actions that are aligned with what you truly want.

You want to make your dreams a reality, but you don’t know how to do it? Today, I am giving you a method that will give you specific steps to get you aligned with your desires AND keep you focused over time. I call it the Magical Manifestation Method (I love alliteration).


The key is to maintain focus and take actions that are aligned with what you truly want. This is how I use The Magical Manifestation Method to connect with my desires, formulate my intentions, and stay focused on my goals.

And, y’alls, I have used this method to make huge changes in my life. I have manifested a cross-country move from California to New York. I launched a career as a Tarot Reader and Soulpreneur. I also easily transitioned into a plant-based diet, and I transformed my family relationships.

SO, let’s Get Specific

When people ask me what I want in life, I freeze. I want all the things. So, the first step in The Magical Manifestation Method is to look at specific areas of life. I break down my life into NINE DIFFERENT AREAS. This is inspired by the Feng Shui Bagua, but I gave it my own little tweak. Here is the overview of those 9 different areas.

Use the Magical Manifestation Method to get specific about your intentions and examine your life in nine different areas, inspired by the Feng Shui Bagua

Step 1: Reflection

Create Your Dream Life with the Magical Manifestation Method

Look honestly at your life and take stock. STAY POSITIVE. Get the free printable below and write out all the things that are going well in the nine different areas of your life. This will fill your cup and raise up your vibration before setting intentions. Also, write down things you want to call into your life. Try to stay away from that whiney, wanting voice, and stay centered in the growth mindset of, “How can I grow and make my life better?”

2. Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Allow yourself to set aside all limiting beliefs about money, time, childcare, resources, etc... This is the time for brainstorming, or ideation. Imagine putting on a pair of 3D glasses and stepping into your dream life. From this place of feeling connected to your desires, fill up your worksheet with all the things you want to call into your life. What things do you want? Who do you want to spend time with? Where do you want to go? Let it all out onto the page.

3. Clarify your Vision

Now, narrow your big list into 3-5 goals in each area. This is when you prioritize your desires and list the ones that you believe are most likely to help you live joyfully, with meaning, and power. You can also combine items to make a more general statement. ALSO - create a memorable keyword you can use to activate the power of all these intentions.

Get Help from a Spiritual Running Body and Create Your Dream Life with the Magical Manifestation Method

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4. Make a Vision Board

Create a collection of images to bring your intentions to life. You can use magazine clippings, or build a digital version. I made mine in Pages on my Mac. Look to your Pinterest Boards. Do a Google Image search. As you put these images together, meditate on how it feels when you are living this dream life.

Manifest your dream life, one season at a time. Break down your intentions and goals into three month periods and focus your energy and time

5. Break it Down by Season

You don’t have to manifest it all at once. For each season focus on one or two intentions. Set some specific goals to support this intention. Spend three months on these.

6. Month by Month

During each month of the season, refer back to your seasonal goals and focus on one or two at at time. This will help you take direct action on your intentions. This is a way of letting the Universe know that you are invested, that you are willing to do the work. I even added space on the Magical Habit Trackers for writing down these monthly goals. Learn more here, and get a free habit tracker.

7. What are you doing this week?

When creating a to-do list for the week, remember to refer to you monthly intentions and include tasks that move you toward your goals.

8. Reflection, Reflection, Reflection

Use the Magical Manifestation Method to regularly reflect on your goals and intentions.

I like to reflect on how I am feeling in the nine different areas of my life every day. I close my eyes and see how I intuitively feel in each area on a scale of 1-10 (1 is very very bad and 10 is very very good). How healthy do I feel? How is my relationship with my partner? Sometimes I refer back to my vision board, but usually I just do a gut check. Get a free reflection sheet when you download the worksheets below.

At the end of the week, I average my daily scores. And, at the end of the month, I average my weekly scores. This gives me an idea of how I am doing, and where to focus my energy moving forward. For example, when my wellbeing score is low, I know I need to put greater emphasis on nutrition, movement, and mental health. Reflecting in this way also empowers me to make changes and adjustments to the intentions I have set. Give yourself permission to change your goals and make new ones. I recommend sticking with a set of intentions for at least a season. Three months is a great amount of time for experimenting. That’s all this is - an experiment. You are crafting a dream life, making steps toward it, and then adjusting your path as you go. Keep experimenting! Better to fail early and fail often as you define and redefine your next best life.

the Method in a nutshell:

  1. REFLECT on your current success and wishes.

  2. BRAINSTORM all the things you could want.

  3. CLARIFY your vision for the future.

  4. VISUALIZE your dreams with a vision board.


  6. Focus on MONTHLY GOALS.


  8. REFLECT on and ADJUST your intentions as you go.

Now, go ahead and manifest your dream life.

If you liked this article and are excited about using this method, write “magical” in the comments. Love ya!

Worksheets to get you started:

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