Goal Manifestation Coaching

Goal Manifestation Coaching

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Erin developed the Magical Manifestation System to help her clients create their dream lives. Erin will help you identify your desires, tap into your creative powers, and implement practices so you can step into your dream life.

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The Magical Manifestation System begins with a reflection: appreciating the present moment, celebrating your wins, and acknowledging what blockages that hold you back.

The second step is to work together to identify your ‘crazy’ and magical dreams. Erin will guide you through visualizations designed to reveal s variety of “deam life” scenarios. Once you feel clear on what you want to manifest, you will begin the ideation phase.

Inspired by Design Thinking, The Magical Manifestation System takes you step by step through the process of brainstorming and fine tuning a ‘prototype’ of your dream life. You can register for further Goal Setting sessions in order to revisit and fine-tune your goals over time. Erin provides the motivation, accountability, inspiration, and tools to keep you on track to making your dreams become a reality.