Be Your Best Self with A Habit Tracker

What do you really want your life to look like? Which activities bring you joy and support your well being? When you know what you want to cultivate, change your life with a Habit Tracker.

What Are You Proud Of?

The key to positive change is to track the right things. When you make a mark on your Habit Tracker, you want to communicate to your higher self, “I am taking care of myself.”  If you are tracking behavior you don’t want to be doing, you are actively shaming yourself. Boo. Quit that shit. For example, instead of tracking “not eating out,” track “homemade meals.” DO track things that bring you peace, joy, and health. Here are some of the things on my list: drinking water, date night, lunar cycles, journaling, yoga, craft sessions, flossing, Tarot.  

A Dose of Joy

Filling in your Habit Tracker can feel real good. It’s a reward. For example, I floss more often because I get excited to mark it in my journal. To make it even more enjoyable, I have been using a pattern with diagonal lines to mark squares, and I love watching it grow throughout the month. It becomes an image of self-care, self-love, growth, hard-work, persistence, and gratitude


Make it Work for You

Some habits just won’t work, and some will morph into something else. “Going to the gym” might become “walking,” or more generally “cardio.” You will change. The seasons change. Your Habit Tracker can be a magical tool of personal transformation when it is regularly updated. Each month I change mine a little, rearranging and grouping habits, adding and subtracting new ones. I also change the style, quote, and colors to fit the needs of the person I am in the moment.

In A Nutshell: 

  1. Reflect on what brings you joy and wellness

  2. Only track activities that make you feel good (no shame)

  3. Let your tracking be a source of joy

  4. Adapt your Habit Tracker to fit your needs

Get Started!

Drawing a Habit Tracker takes time. I created a printable that I fold and tape into my journal. This is the only printed page in my Bullet Journal! I LOVE the printed version better than the hand-drawn for a few reasons: (1) Straight lines, (2) I can feel where a new month begins in my journal by feeling for the habit tracker page, (3) the colored columns and rows make it easy to navigate.

So, jump right in! Design your life with a Habit Tracker, and celebrate the person you are becoming.

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