Transform the Mundane Into the Sacred

Breath magic into the everyday


transform the mundane into the sacred


at home with mindfulness

Mindfulness can transform our relationship with homemaking. I believe we can embrace our physical work as our spiritual work, and transform the mundane into the sacred. Mindfulness is the practice of attending to, and accepting the energy of the here and now. Let's take mindfulness to another level and connect with seasonal and lunar energy, surrendering to cycles and rhythms that impact us. Learn more of how I use Tarot, journaling, I-Ching, gardening, minimalism, and housekeeping to connect with home, spirit, and self.


Cultivate Deep Joy

What brings you true happiness? I'm not talking about pleasure, that flippant thing that comes and goes. Nope. I am focused on nourishing the soul and creating lasting joy. Here you will find articles and classes on how to connect with your wisest self in order to identify your dreams and do the work to make them come true. Discover ways to find your soul's purpose, maintain self-love, and integrate joy into every nook and cranny of your life. Happiness is your right, make it your practice.


Infuse life with spirit

In this home we tap into the power of lunar cycles, Feng Shui, Tarot, ritual, rhythm, and bullet journaling to create the ideal life. This is the art of creating a home that shimmers with the presence of spirit and supports the manifestations of your dreams. Click the link below to learn ways to breathe magic into the everyday.  


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