Let’s look into the truth of your life. What are you wondering about? What problem needs resolution? I will help you address a problem, find insight, or guidance. I can help you find relief in times of stress, excitement when you need motivation, or even faith in times of doubt. We connect over video chat or on the phone.


Tarot Coaching

My goal is to empower you to read Tarot with ease and confidence. Relying on my 19 years of reading Tarot, I teach techniques for personally connecting with the card, utilizing numerology, identifying patterns in readings, and connecting with ancient archetypes.

Your First Session is Free

We begin with an hour long Discovery Meeting to uncover your current understanding of the Tarot, and how you would like to grow. Together we will co-create a program that helps you become a joyful and powerful Tarot Reader. Sign up here for a free Discovery Meeting.

On-going Support Sessions are in 30 or 60 minutes long. We always begin with grounding and centering exercises to tap into your wisest self. We review homework, do at least one Tarot spread together, and dig into the themes, patterns, and personalized tips for creating rich understanding and skill.

About Me:
I draw upon my 19 years of reading Tarot to add layers of meaning to your own interpretation. My role is to illuminate the stories within you that connect with each card, so that your relationship to the cards grows over time. I am not interested in reading your future. I am interested in empowering you to create your future.


Manifestation Coaching

In these sessions, we work together to connect with your deepest desires and identify what you want in your next best life. Using the Magical Manifestation System, I will guide you through an intention-setting session, which will launch you toward your next best life. I will help you tap into your creative powers and provide you with practices to help you develop your dream life, one step at a time.

The Magical Manifestation System begins with reflection: appreciating the present moment, celebrating your wins, and acknowledging what blockages hold you back.

The second step is to work together to identify your ‘crazy’ and magical dreams. Erin will guide you through visualizations designed to reveal s variety of “dream life” scenarios. Once you feel clear on what you want to manifest, you will begin the ideation phase.

Inspired by Design Thinking, The Magical Manifestation System takes you step by step through the process of brainstorming and fine tuning a ‘prototype’ of your dream life. You can register for further Goal Setting sessions in order to revisit and fine-tune your goals over time. Erin provides the motivation, accountability, inspiration, and tools to keep you on track to making your dreams become a reality.

The first session is FREE.

This Initial Meeting is to gain clarity on your current status. What are your values, goals, challenges, and what do you want coaching to look and feel like. And then, we dig in. Right away we start the process of reflecting, brainstorming, and clarifying so that you can get started right away on manifesting your dreams. We may use Tarot, ritual, affirmations, and visualizations in this work. Sign up here for you free Initial Meeting.