2019 Magical Habit Trackers with Moon Phases, Seasonal Quotes, and Goal Setting Prompts

2019 Magical Habit Trackers with Moon Phases, Seasonal Quotes, and Goal Setting Prompts

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Create and sustain a healthy and magical life with the Magical Habit Trackers. You can keep track of the phases of the moon while you log your habits and routines. Monthly quotes align you with the energy of the seasons. Wide columns are good for recording daily Tarot cards. Set clear intentions each month with categorized goal sections.

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Habit Trackers are a powerful tool in creating and sustaining a magical practice. Transform your life and become your best self by recording the routines your future self would do. Do what feels good, and use the Habit Tracker to hold yourself accountable and reward yourself for success.

They include:

  • monthly moon phases

  • curated quotes for inspiration and seasonal alignment

  • wide space for recording daily Tarot cards or daily intentions

  • goal setting prompts for monthly intention setting

The Magical Homemaking Habit Trackers incorporate the phases of the moon so you can you can (1) keep track of the lunar cycle (2) notice any patterns in your habits during certain moon phases (3) help you align with the energy of the moon.

Habit Tracker moon phases daily tarot
Habit Tracker goal setting inspiring quotes

The curated collection of quotes will help you align with the seasons. Each quote highlights certain energies or qualities of the month (for the Northern Hemisphere). They serve as meditations and inspirations.

The wide space on the right is for recording daily Tarot cards, or a Word-of-the-Day. Sometimes you need space for more than just a checkmark.

The left side of the printable are nine goal setting prompts to help you get specific with your monthly intentions. You can trim this section off, or use it for reflecting on the different areas of your life: Guidance, Craft, Knowledge, Creativity, Wellbeing, Clan/Family, Love, Significance, Abundance.

Check out this blog post for more info on how to use the Habit Tracker in your life.

Printing Instructions:

When you purchase The Magical Habit Trackers you will receive a link to a .zip file. It is an instant download for you to print at home for your personal use. When you open the zip file there are four pdfs in the different sizes, US Letter, A4, and A5.

Print the pdfs as “Actual Size.” Prevent the top being cut off by choosing “Scale to Fit” and “Fill Entire Page.”

Check out this instruction video on how to trim, fold, and adhere the Habit Trackers into a Bullet Journal.

Habit Trackers Printer Settings

October Habit Tracker Moon Phases and Quote

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