Sumi Watercolor and Zendoodle Rice Paper Invitation

I am in love with this medium. First of all, it’s fairly portable. Unless it’s wet, the rice paper can easily be rolled up and relocated. Second, it’s kid-friendly. My kids love to paint alongside me. It’s no big deal to grab a second glass of water and get the kids to work on their art while I do mine. Third, I adore pattern, geometric shapes, repetition, and doodling. I also love the doodling/tangling community, lifting up the craft of doodling into an art form and meditation practice. Fourth, easy-peasy supplies: watercolor paints(I recommend getting a nice set of Sumi-e Paints because the colors are bold and lush), rice paper (love how the color bleeds into the paper), and paint brushes

A Simple Life Has Space for Art

I have space and time to make art because we live a simple life. There is little clutter, so it’s quick and easy to clear off the table. We don’t plan a lot of activities into our day, so there is time and flexibility for art. It’s not an austere life. We live simply enough to make space for the work. And in that space, we make time for ourselves, our communities, and our connection to Spirit.  

Making Art as an act of Self Care

Creating art can be a powerful practice in mindfulness.  Concentrating on color, composition, line, etc… can allow the mind to release worry, planning, and regret. In this way we become open to inspiration. In this place of flow, you can hear your own voice, feel subtle energies, sense intuition. 

Snail Mail Magic and Belonging 

Don’t you just love it when you receive a beautiful note in the mail?  There is something special about a handwritten letter or a handmade card. The physical object has energy. Like an original work of art, it has a unique quality, a power. I made these invitations for The Art Junket’s “Genesis Salon”. My hope was to convey a playful and accepting energy.  I wanted the recipients to feel a sense of belonging, that membership in The Art Junket is something special.

What is The Art Junket?

In 2015 my mother, the talented Maureen B. Fitzmahan, and I founded The Art Junket – a group of artists supporting each other in the creative process. Our goal is to motivate one another to create art, grow as artists, and build a practice of art. Every six weeks we host Salons, and the artists present NEW works of art that touch upon a given theme.  You can learn more on our website:



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