Receiving a tarot reading from Erin was an absolute joy. The wisdom, insight and creativity that she brings to the work is evident as is her life experience and sweet compassion. I started off feeling lethargic and depleted when I first arrived and left the session feeling a gentle acceptance and spaciousness embrace around that, vitality returned and humanness affirmed.
What a beautiful spirit and lovely experience.
— Stella The Goodwitch
Tarot Readings with Erin Mahollitz


15 Minute Tarot Reading is a quick check-in with your inner voice. We draw ONE card as a mirror of the energies in your life.

30 Minute Tarot Reading allows us to incorporate a bit of ritual, grounding and centering for even greater wisdom and insight. We will draw three or four cards depending on your question.

60 Minute Tarot Reading also includes grounding and centering exercises, approximately 10 Tarot cards, and coaching to help you navigate your path to personal greatness.

90 Minute Tarot Reading has it all: ritual, multiple Tarot cards and spreads, and coaching.

About Erin:
I have been reading Tarot for 19 years. My focus is on empowering you to connect with your inner voice and see the truth of your own life. I am not here to tell you your future, but rather engage you in conversation as meaning maker. These Tarot readings will reveal choices you can make to bring greater joy, meaning, and power into your life.