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learn how the Tarot can guide you into a more meaningful and joyful life. 


I regularly turn to Tarot in my quest to live with joy and purpose. There is no other way for me to live. As a friend once told me, "when your soul is meant to be doing something else, you experience great suffering as if your entire being must break free." True that! Depression, self-loathing, aimless behavior, and exhaustion are all symptoms of the soul rebelling against your condition. In my past I was not good at listening to my intuition. It was through a daily Tarot practice that I learned to navigate the landscape of my soul's journey. I use Tarot to identify big (and small) goals and how to best accomplish them. I also turn to Tarot to deal with the ups and downs of my life, maintaining a growth mindset. My goal is to help you live your own dreams using tools and insights that help me on my journey. 


Structure of the Class

Everyone will receive one of my handcrafted Tarot Journals for recording their insights throughout the workshop.


Learn the Tarot System

I want you to immediately forge a personal a relationship with the Tarot cards. We begin with drawing 'check-in' cards for each person. With guidance, each person will pick a court card that best reflects their present identity.  

The goal is to learn the system of The Tarot through personal experience. Through these activities you will get an overview of the suits, the court cards, the minor and major arcanas, and the sequence of the 78 Tarot cards. 

It is a collaborative and project-based learning experience. I want people to get to work, not just passively absorb information.

Part II

engage your wisest self

I will guide small groups through a variety of exercises designed to connect us with our divine perfection: card spreads, reflection prompts, and small rituals. Afterward we will use art and conversation to compare and contrast the different activities.

The goal is to create a space in which you can hear your wisest self. These are methods I use to tap into my intuition, to connect with Spirit, and ground myself.  

Learn how the Tarot can guide you into a more meaningful and joyful life.

Part III

connect with your purpose

In the final phase of the workshop we will explore Tarot spreads that can help you align with your greater purpose. What dream wants to live through you? This is the beginning of connecting with your dream life.

I will provide you with the tools and support to develop a daily practice to regularly check in with your path so that you can learn to trust your intuition and navigate the bumpy road to your dreams.


No experience is needed and wisdom is welcome. 

listen to your soul

Listen to your soul and illuminate your heart's calling


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You will also receive a free hard copy of my Beginner's Tarot Journal with the purchase of your ticket.


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**This is a BYOT event: Bring Your Own Tarot.