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I will only share products that I believe will bring you joy. When you click on these products, you will be linked to If you buy something, I receive a commission. This is one way you can support Mindful Homemaking. You don't even have to buy the item I am recommending. I will earn a percentage on anything you purchase within 24 hours of clicking from my site to Amazon. Crazy, I know. But if you love a site, and want to support them, you can do it with your shopping. Kind of a win-win, if you ask me. You get to buy something awesome, and I get to pay the bills. I believe how you spend your money is a political act, a daily vote for the people, values, and behaviors you believe in. I hope you will vote for Mindful Homemaking.

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Participate in a workshop: Tarot for Your Soul's Purpose
Join me in person and learn how to use Tarot to align with your soul's purpose. It's a hands-on workshop designed to immerse you in the Tarot and begin a practice you can use to stay connected to your wisest self. 

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Each bag is made with up-cycled materials, and infused with the magic and joy of my home. Each bag is a meditation on love and light. Here are just a couple of my favorites.

The Watson
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