Tarot Coaching - Learn to Read the Cards

Tarot Coaching - Learn to Read the Cards

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My goal is to empower you to read Tarot with ease and confidence. Relying on my 17 years of reading Tarot, I teach techniques for personally connecting with the card, utilizing numerology, identifying patterns in readings, and connecting with ancient archetypes.

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We begin with a 30 minute Initial Meeting to uncover your current understanding of the Tarot, and how you would like to grow. Together we will co-create a program that helps you become a joyful and powerful Tarot Reader.

On-going Support Sessions are in 30 or 60 minutes long. We always begin with grounding and centering exercises to tap into your wisest self. We review homework, do at least one Tarot spread together, and dig into the themes, patterns, and personalized tips for creating rich understanding and skill.

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The Initial Meeting is 30 minutes.
Support Sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes long.