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single card meditation

Prompts to help you make the most of your one-card Tarot readings. This is part of the Beginner's Tarot Journal.

Asking for Help Tarot Spread

Asking for Help Tarot Spread

Identify areas where you are currently receiving help, what you are ready to be vulnerable about, burdens you are less aware of, and what you can expect as you open up.

Three Card Meditation Relationships image.png

three cards On Relationships


Use this spread to investigate the way two people come together in relationship. 

New Moon Tarot Meditation

New Moon Tarot

Pull a card for each phase of the moon. The center card is one you choose to represent the goals/wishes you set for this lunar cycle.

Four Card Meditation Image.png

Four cards: what is going on?

This is my favorite and most commonly used Tarot spread. Add this page to your Tarot Journal when you need a good read on the current situation.



May 2018 Habit Tracker

May habit tracker

Keep track of your best habits and set goals. Learn more from this article from the blog. Now with days of the week and lunar phases.

goal setting with feng shui

goal setting worksheet

Get specific about your intentions using the Feng Shui Bagua. Use themes of each quadrant to create specific goals.

New Moon Intentions Worksheet

New Moon Wishes Worksheet

Take some time on the new moon to set some intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. Learn more from this article on the blog.



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The Mindfulness magic cards

This collection of mindfulness activities can be printed out and used throughout the day to help your build your attention to the world around you.