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What abundance is available to you through the act of letting go?

New Moon Tarot Card Spread

New Moon Tarot

Pull a card for each phase of the moon. The center card is one you choose to represent the goals/wishes you set for this lunar cycle.

Finding Home Tarot Spread

Finding Home

Use this spread to reveal your dreams, stay grounded in your quest, highlight what actions to take, and recommend boundaries.

Love, Love, Love Tarot Spread

Love, Love, Love

Reflect on love you have. How can you spread more love? How you can receive love?


3-Card spread

Use this spread to investigate the way two people come together in relationship.

The Week Ahead Tarot Spread

The Week ahead

Gain insight into the energy showing up this week, and dig into what could be helpful and what would be unhelpful this week.

Mind Body and Soul Tarot Spread

Connect with whole self

Check-in with the different parts of yourself to gain a clearer picture of your relationship to the current situation.

three card tarot spread then, now, later


This three card Tarot spread will help you look at the evolution of a situation and gain perspective on the past, present, and future.



Habit Tracker Blank.jpg

habit tracker

Keep track of your best habits and set goals. Keep track of the phases of the moon. Includes prompts for monthly goal setting. Learn more from this article on the blog.


manifesting the next best life

Reflection, Ideation, and Intention Worksheets for the MAGICAL MANIFESTATION METHOD. Learn how to use this system to connect with your desires, set clear intentions, and stay focused on your goals.

weekly reflection sheet for the magical manifestation method

Intention reflection

A daily reflection on how you feel about the intentions you have set using the Magical Manifestation Method. Rate how you are doing from 1-10. At the end of the week, average your score and reflect on insights gained and possible actions moving forward.


Grimoire Pages

house blessing ritual.png

House blessing

Connect with your home, and cleanse it of any dark energy. Bless it with love and light.


New Moon Wishes & reflections

Set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. Use the reflection sheet (three options for note-taking) to record your thoughts on how your intention is flowing. Learn more from this article on the blog.



Release negative energy that holds you back from stepping into your next best life. This is a great ritual to perform at the FULL MOON.


Winter Solstice Worksheet

Take notes on plants, altar objects, colors, deities, activities, stones, and more. There is room for you to record extra thoughts on the season and your personal rituals, meaning, and stories.