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The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.
— Anaïs Nin

Infusing Life with Spirit is the art of making a home that engages our wisest selves and connects us with the energy and power of our lives. It is the practice of being more than enough. It is the work of stepping into your divine perfection.

Spirit can mean different things to different people: faeries, gods, invisible forces, energy…, and yes, it can mean God. Me, I am particularly fond of the Shinto concept of kami, the belief that all things have an essence or an energy that is their own. The BBC defines kami as, “... the sacred or mystical element in almost anything. It is in everything and is found everywhere, and is what makes an object itself rather than something else. The word means that which is hidden.” But, whatever you call it, I believe we are all talking about the same thing-ish - the divinity and mystery that surrounds us and resides within us.

If you have read up on my about page you know that I, like many of us, struggle with being enough. Mindfulness at home and cultivating deep joy are medicine and can help us find our way to enoughness. But, I am more than enough. You are, too. We are magical beings. I want to sparkle and radiate with the light that comes from being connected to my divine self and connected to Spirit.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a magical being. Perhaps I always knew I was one, but didn’t know how to be one. When we were school-aged children, my sisters and I would play in the woods outside our house, dancing with the faeries. At night I would dream of being a mermaid as I flipped my imaginary tail in the bathtub. In middle school, my mother pulled us out of the Catholic Church as her own spirituality began to align more with a Buddhist way of living. In high school, I officially gave up on organized religion as I studied historical (and current) atrocities committed in the name of God. Yet, I always remained a spiritual person. I imagined God as a cloud of love, like a collection of the world’s compassion. In college I discovered the Tarot and decided I wanted to be a witch, a good witch. My exploration of multiple religions has taught me there is no one way to divinity, but many. Every religion has taught me pathways to a life connected with Spirit, and I have learned to hold onto the practices that nourish me and reject those that do not.

we will be nourished

Connecting with Spirit is the act of listening to the magic in all things.

tarot in the kitchen

For seventeen years Tarot has been the cornerstone of my spiritual practice. It brought me to Joseph Campbell, who taught me to see the archetypes present in every religion. Through Tarot I learned to see my everyday life as part of a bigger journey. I learned to see the divine story of my life. If you are interested in learning how to use Tarot in your own life, consider attending a workshop or working with me as your Tarot coach. It doesn’t take much to get started: get some cards (these are my favorite) and start a Tarot Journal.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 5.21.49 PM.png

Like a mirror, the Tarot will reflect who you truly are. You are the key to understanding what it all means.

Tarot also brought me to Wicca and Earth-based religions. I discovered how to create sacred space and perform rituals to foster a relationship with Spirit. I learned how to align myself with lunar cycles and tap into the patterns and rhythms of the phases of the moon. Taking time to celebrate the Wheel of the Year and connect with the energy of each season has infused my days with more magic than I could have imagined. I am excited to share these practices and rituals that have ignited my soul and made me feel more complete.

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rhythms of life

Connect with the energy of the season and allow its magic to reverberate through you.

The third pillar of my spiritual practice is Feng Shui, which is part interior design and part magic. At its simplest, I believe Feng Shui is the art of crafting a space that reflects back to you the image of your ideal life. The magic is engaging with your home as if you are participating in the manifestation of your own dreams.

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I believe a life infused with Spirit will ease your suffering, make you feel more connected, more magical, more than enough. Be the architect of your own experience, and breathe magic into your everyday.