Super, Blue, Blood Moon and Imbolc Ceremony


I am nervous about sharing this with you before having done the ceremony. Tomorrow I gather with my woo-curious clan to celebrate and honor the lunar and seasonal cycles. This week I spent hours researching and crafting this ceremony, and I packed a lot into it. It is rather scripted, but I trust that the time and place will guide and shape the experience to be authentic and meaningful.  May this ceremony inspire you to align with the Earth's magic in way that helps you live mindfully, joyfully, and magically. 

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Crown of lights for priestess

Chamomile tea

Rosemary sprigs

Tea pot

Tea cups



Phalic wand with bells





Lots of candles

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 5.21.49 PM.png

Altar Ideas

White linens

Red symbols of life, passion, sun

Spring animals (lamb, chick, calf)

Spring / white flowers


Cauldron (burn rosemary, frankincense, myrrh, clove)

Source candle

God and Goddess candles

5 elemental candles

Brighid’s cross

Celtic design

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 5.22.51 PM.png



Dried fruit




Bubbly apple cider

Gluten free cookie



Homemade bread

Red lentil soup

Roasted carrots


Create Sacred Space

Make room for spirit and slow down

1. Cleanse the Space

Tidy up. Sweep. Smudge with sage. Ring bell(s)

2. Cleanse Yourself

Smudge. Enjoy chamomile tea with rosemary sprig.

3. Light it Up!

Light candles and bonfire.

“Hearth and Home. Home and Hearth, welcoming close our family and friends. Home and Hearth. Hearth and Home. The light returns as winter ends.”

4. Set up altar and collect items

super blue blood moon imbolc ceremony third page

Opening Ceremony

Gather in a circle.
Light source candle in center.

1. Cast a Circle

Keep magical energy focused and potent
Go to the wall of circle with athame and source candle
“I cast this circle in perfect love and perfect trust to protect us and transport us to the realms of the Gods. So mote it be.”

2. Call the Quarters

Align with elemental energies within and without
“Hail spirits of the __(East)__, powers of __Air__. We call upon __(eagle, wind, intellect)__. Be with us in our circle tonight. Welcome and blessed be.”

3. Call on Gods and Goddesses

Light Goddess candle
“Bright Lady, Goddess Brighid, Goddess of hearth and home, poetry and fire, we ask for you presence in our circle tonight. Welcome and blessed be.”
Light God candle
“Sun God, Horned One, we ask for your presence in our circle tonight. Welcome and blessed be.”

Align and Raise power

1. Tell The Lunar Story

Super moon - closer to us. 10% bigger. 30% brighter. Amplification.

Blue moon - second full moon in January

Blood moon - lunar eclipse = acceleration and shifting

Quickening moon - stirrings of life
Look up to moon and draw her energy into you.

2. Tell The Story of Imbolc / Candlemas & Brighid

Begin to melt some ice using source candle? Anoint participants with Thieves essential oils (has clove and rosemary = fire!)

Imbolc means “in the belly of the mother”
Welcome new life. Time to clean up and let go. Look for signs of life and signs of intentions coming to fruition. Recommit to your dreams and goals.

FIRE - look into fire and visualize burning away what does not serve you, burn away expectations

POEM - Read “The Journey” by Mary Oliver

WAND - add bells and ribbon

“Wake, wake plants in the Earth, Spring is a time of light and rebirth. Hear, hear this magical sound, and grow, grow out of the ground.”

POUR melted water into vase of white flowers (symbolic of winter snow melting and nourishing new life). Visualize growth of plants and personal progress. Each participant takes a flower.

3. Cakes and Ale

Ale Blessing
Chalice is filled with “ale” (bubbly apple cider)
Insert athame into chalice = Great Right in Token. Symbolic of complementary opposites. Visualize God energy coming in through athame and Goddess energy coming up through chalice, and they blend in the cup.

“As the athame is to the lover.” “So the cup is to the beloved.” “When joined, they become on truth.”

Cake Blessing

“May the Spirits bless all hands, seen and unseen who have brought this bread to us.” Insert athame in cake to infuse with magic.

4. Share. Talk. Laugh.

imbolc notes in grimoire

Closing Ceremony

1. Thank God and Goddess

Snuff out candles

2. Thank Elements (widdershins)

“We give thanks to the element of __(Earth)__. We are honored by your presence and grateful for your guidance. Saty if you will. Go if you must. Hail and farewell.”

Snuff out candles

3. Take Down Circle

Take source candle to perimeter of circle and move widdershins.

“Fire seal the circle round, let it fade beneath the ground. Let all things be as they were. The circle is open, but never broken. Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again.”

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