New Moon Ritual for Manifesting Your Dreams

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So you want to make your dreams come true, but you feel a little… hmmm, how to say this… maybe you feel a little small for your big dreams. Or maybe you feel like you just don’t know where to begin. Or perhaps you feel like you need some help, a little cosmic help.

Planting Cosmic Seeds

My favorite way to give my dreams and goals a boost is to tap into the moon cycles, specifically the New Moon. Did you notice how I launched my website on a new moon? In the darkest nights we can share our goals with the Universe, like planting cosmic seeds. As the moon waxes we take steps toward that goal, build trust in ourselves, and create partnership with the Universe.

Ride that Lunar Energy

Don’t get me wrong, you still have to do the work! Yet, I find when I align my goal setting with the moon, I tap into a rhythm and movement of energy that supports me. It’s kind of like surfing; connecting with lunar cycles gives me momentum and power, like catching a wave.

Get You Some Goals

I try to do a ritual at each new moon, embracing the work as an opportunity to reconnect with my dreams and re-examine my goals. Here are some tips on setting some New Moon goals/wishes:

  1. Center yourself, or rather try not to do this while commuting. If you don’t have time to really connect with your wisest self, at least take three deep breaths to calm your mind. First breath - to let go of what was. Second breath - to be open to what is. Third breath - to embrace what is coming.
  2. Keep your list manageable - maybe 3-7 goals
  3. Write your goals as if they are happening; “I feel…, “I am…,” “I own…”
  4. Vary the goals. Make some big ones, like finding true love. Make some small ones, like getting a dresser.
  5. Get specific. Sometimes it’s good to clarify for the Universe. For example, don’t just ask for any old dresser, ask for what you really want, like a “free, wooden, functioning dresser.”
  6. Leave room for the Universe to do what it does best, surprise and delight. At the end of my list I like to add, “This or something better, for the good of all” This way I also let the Univ erse know that I do not want to attain my goals if it means increasing someone else’s suffering.

Examples of goals I have written in the past:

  • I feel connected and loved by my family
  • I am a Boss Lady, earning income and prestige
  • I am awakening to a higher consciousness, utilizing my intuitive skills. I surrender myself fully to my divine perfection.
  • I am selling myartwork and making at least $1,000.
 The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse

The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse

The Ritual

This ritual feels the most potent to me when conducted on the darkest night of the lunar cycle, But, it can be done during the day as well. You also do not have to do the ritual on the actual day of the new moon. I generally give it +/- 48 hours.


Tidy the house, take a shower, burn some sage, ring a bell. Do what fits the moment. Whatever action you choose, do so mindfully, thinking to yourself that you are cleansing yourself and your space of negative energy and making space for Spirit.


Connect with that wisest part of yourself. Take some deep breaths, meditate for a moment, light a candle. Ground yourself in the Earth and open yourself to Spirit.


In an ideal world I have time to write a rough draft of my wishes, but I ain't got time for that shit. Instead I often grab whatever paper is at my disposal. There are some months when I will come to the ritual with goals in hand, and take the time to rewrite them in a fancy script on nice paper. That feels good, too. Use the following questions to guide your thinking: How do you want to feel? What goals do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to be?

4.Speak Your Dreams

Read what you wrote, aloud. You don’t have to shout it, but verbalize your goals. It’s not just for the Universe, you are letting your soul know that these are important enough to be spoken. I like to light another candle at this point, a special Moon Candle, which I will relight in nights to come when I reread my goals to the waxing moon.

5.Be Grateful

Give thanks to the Universe, the gods, and Spirits you feel connected to. Nobody wants to work with an ungrateful/needy whiner. Let the invisible forces know you appreciate the support.

6.Close the ritual

After a moment of gratitude, I like to say, “Spirits, stay if you will, go if you must.” Sometimes I bring my hands together at my forehead, bow, and say “namaste.” Whatever you do, take a moment to acknowledge the end of the ritual.

7.Save Your Dreams

Put your wishlist in a place where you can see it often. Revisit your list each night of the waxing moon (maybe light that Moon Candle each night, kinda like an advent candle). Be sure to thank the Universe each time.

8.Let Go of Your Intentions

On the full moon, you can tuck your list away or even burn it. Trust that you and the Universe are conspiring together to make your dreams come true.


May this ritual help you accomplish your goals, lean into your happiness, and connect you with the powers of the Universe. Much like a basic recipe, this is just a guideline. Feel free to tweak and adjust the ritual as best fits you in the moment. Leave a comment about your experience, or take a photo and post to Instagram with the hashtag #magicalhomemaking

Magically Yours,

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This reflection sheet is for you to write out your wishes. Print it off and paste it into your (magical) journal. The Tarot Spread has a space for a card each phase of the moon. Use these cards to reflect throughout the lunar cycle. They provide a lens through which to see your life. They are themes to meditate on, and to investigate the qualities of your dreams. 

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