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How A Little Self-Care Can Go a Long Way

Self-care is necessary for our wellbeing, as well as the health of our relationships and community. How do we integrate small acts of self-care into our everyday lives? Sometimes a big spa day isn't the answer. Find deep joy in a variety of small acts that nourish your soul and fit into your daily life. Be true to you and develop habits that make you feel good. Turn this into a practice. 

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Celebrate Winter Solstice And align with the season

When we take time to appreciate the benefits and challenges of this unique moment in time, we embrace our place in the cosmos. We know we are in relationship to the Sun and the Earth. We belong here. When we celebrate the Winter Solstice, we honor darkness and celebrate light. We tune into seasonal markers of change. We invite our body, mind, and soul to align with here, and now.

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Find Happiness in Asking for Help

Release your fear of asking for help and embrace the human desire to cooperate. Being open and vulnerable can feel scary, but it is the key to happiness. Set an intention to ask for more help and get curious about how it impacts your life and others. Talk to your trusted friends and family to assist you in the process of opening up. Learn to connect with the spirit world for support. Don't forget to express your gratitude. And, if you want to dig deeper into the art of asking for help, download the Asking for Help Tarot Spread.

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