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The spaces in my home are regularly changing. It is an invitation to align myself with the energy and rhythm of my life. It is a time for reflecting on the changing light and the energetic pulse of this moment, this here and now. Altering the decor of my home is a meditation on the as-is-ness of my life, AND a quite a bit of magic. This is one of the ways I work to make my dream life come true.

Recognize the negative

It is so easy to be someplace other than here. We have easy access to a myriad of alternative realities. Television, billboards, Facebook... we are flooded with the images of other ways of being. The mind can’t help but naturally compare. Seeing someone wealthier, happier, healthier will automatically trigger this response. These ugly narratives replay throughout our minds, creating deep neurological trenches, easily triggered. This is a fact. This is not going away. So, don’t try to ignore it. On the contrary, only by recognizing the negative narrative can we begin to interrupt and counterbalance.

Make Your Own Positive Messages

Feng Shui is just one of the ways that I proactively fight back. This is how I make my own message to my heart and mind. In Feng Shui they refer to the placement of significant objects as “cures,” like medicine. They temper the negative energy and boost positive vibes. We are not just consumers, absorbing the messages presented by the media around us. We are also producers of messages. If you are awake (you know what I mean), you can craft powerful stories for your own soul. The practice of Feng Shui has helped me connect with my soul’s purpose and clarify what I want to do with this one wild and precious life. I have discovered that my home decor can have a positive impact on the quality of my life, and can support the manifestation of my dreams.

How to Make Pretty Powerful Spaces:

Since my version of Feng Shui is a bit loose, and a bit witchy, I like to call this the art of making “Pretty Powerful Spaces.” The goal is to transform myself through positive visual messages that remind my soul of its trajectory and true calling.

If you can, remove all the furniture and decor from the space. Clean it. Man, I love this process.  It is therapeutic. This is the time when my subconscious takes the reigns. As my body becomes immersed in the cleaning, my mind is composting all those ideas I have about dreams and soul’s purpose. If you wanna get jiggy with it, you can also do some bell ringing, incense burning, broom sweeping, clapping… any one of those good ol’ energy clearing rituals. The big idea is that you are creating a blank slate, on which you are going to place objects that speak to you. Clutter and dirt will slow down the flow of energy and will ultimately muddle the message you want to communicate to yourself.

The Bagua is the “map” or “compass” used in Feng Shui (there are a couple variations, but I use the one on the right). It’s a 3x3 grid that you lay over the floorplan of your home. Each quadrant focuses on a different type of energy and a different aspect of your life. For example, when I line up the entry sectors with the front of my house, my front door enters the “Career/Life Journey” quadrant.

Before placing anything in the space, it is imperative to reflect on what you really want. What I love about Feng Shui is that it provides a structure. I use the Bagua, or “Compass” to organize my goal-setting and get real specific about my intentions. Before I move or arrange anything, I write out my hopes and dreams for each area of my life. For example, when thinking about “Marriage and Relationships” I reflect on what kind of marriage I want? Which relationships do I want to nourish? Do I feel connected and loved? Careful what you wish for. Take time to define the life you want to make. Craft a message to your soul and the Universe.


Invite energy to move through your space. My kitchen nook is on the southwest corner of my house, in the relationship quadrant, associated with Earth. I begin by honoring the energy of the southwest, and place plants that will be nourished by the heat of the sun. I use ceramic pots to enhance the positive qualities of the Earth element. Thus, consider the energy of the quadrant and nourish it. For example, don’t put a water fountain in the fire quadrant - water douses flame.

Now it’s time to pull out those intentions and put things that support your dreams in the appropriate quadrant. In the kitchen nook, I put a framed image of a couple flirting in the stacks of a library. As the wife of a librarian, this speaks to me, encouraging me/us to take advantage of the small moments hidden in the chaos of our lives, to flirt, touch, kiss, be romantic... I also added a glass vase given to me by my husband on our anniversary. These objects tell stories to my heart, reinforcing my values and priorities. Reminding me to stay true to the path I am making.

Now relax into your home. Enjoy the clean and uncluttered space. Allow the positive messages you have created for your soul wash over you, day after day. When I see the vase in my kitchen, I am reminded to invest in my relationship. When I see my Mindful Homemaking business cards in the “Career/Life Journey” quadrant, I am encouraged to keep writing. Let the magic happen slowly and with awareness.  Notice when dreams come true. Change things up with the seasons of your life. Know that you are creating your own reality.


In a nutshell

  • Recognize your self-loathing created by that nasty comparative brain.

  • Craft a vision of your dream life.

  • Clean your house (physically and spiritually).

  • Use the Feng Shui Bagua to get real specific about what you want from life.

  • Consciously place objects in your house that align with the energy of each quadrant.

  • Lovingly add meaningful objects that will act as visual cues, reminding you of your specific goals.

  • Enjoy the magic.



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