13 Ways to Make Cooking More Fun and Magical

Photo by  Kaboompics .com  from  Pexels

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Cooking has been a source of both joy and annoyance in my life. I make a homecooked meal almost everyday. It’s one of my favorite parts of being a homemaker. I feel it has a profound impact on the quality of our lives. When our days are rushed and meals are more like snacks, our family dissolves into undernourished, hangry, and impatient goblins. So, I am grateful to be home and cooking meals that support our health and happiness. And, let me recognize what a privilege it is to have fresh ingredients, the time to cook, and an abundance of tools and electricity. May all beings have access to nourishing food.

BUT, somedays it feels like a time-sucking, joy killing activity.

Here are my 13 favorite ways to reinvigorate your cooking practice so that you may experience greater joy, meaning, and power as meal-maker.

1. Ground and Center

Slow down. Get mindful. Put away and turn off all devices. Take three long, deep breaths. Feel your feet on the ground. Imagine the Earth below you. Draw your attention up your body to the top of your head. Imagine your head being gently lifted up (as if it’s attached to a balloon). Feel your posture straighten. Stretch to the sky. Maybe wiggle and soften your body. Allow yourself to be in the here and now.

2. Set an Intention

Connect with your heart space. You can…

  1. Ask the Universe, “What do I (and my family and friends) need from this meal ?” OR

  2. Pick one these powerful intentions

    1. I am loved

    2. I am healthy

    3. Abundance and prosperity flow easily into my life

    4. I am creative

    5. I am open to new ideas and perspectives

    6. I am patient

*note: “I am” may feel oddly singular if cooking for more than one person. But, when infused into your cooking it fills each individual with the feeling of “I am…” If this still doesn’t resonate with you, change it to “We are…”

Photo by  freestocks.org  from  Pexels

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

3. Light a Candle

As you cook, your mind will wander and get distracted. You will worry about your kids, or plan your weekend, or dream up a vacation in Scotland… The candle will bring you back the present and remind you of your intention.
Begin by charging the candle with your intention:

  1. Hold the candle in your hands

  2. Draw some energy from the Earth and/or Sky

  3. Hold your intention in your mind

  4. Imagine sending the energy of that intention into the candle

  5. Light the candle and say your intention aloud.

Photo by  Lisa Fotios  from  Pexels

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

4. Put on an apron

This is the magical cape of the chef. It is a signifier, marking the beginning of the sacred act of cooking. It helps your mind and soul focus on the food, and turn off the distractions of the other areas of your life. Know that you are a cooking super-hero as you pull the apron over your head.

*note: remember to take it off before you eat!

5. Turn the Music Up

Your life is worthy of a soundtrack! So, crank up the tunes and pretend you are cooking in a movie. Check out my Super Chill playlist for a laid-back experience, or my Cooking playlist for a more upbeat and international flavor.
*Got a playlist or song you like to listen to while cooking?!? Let me know in the comments, or send me a link in an email. I LOVE learning about new music.

6. Sing / Chant / Hum

Infuse your cooking with your intention by singing about it while you cook. Take a simple phrase like, “I am loved,” and expand on it. It might sound something like this: “I am loved, my heart feels warm and aglow. I radiate love, and my family feels my warmth. I feel whole…” You get the idea.

7. Dance

Sway while you cook. Pick up your kid and twirl. Take your partner’s hand and spin them. Allow yourself to be playful.

*Also, adding a little swaying motion engages your core and can ease hip discomfort.


8. Call Upon the Benefits of Your Ingredients

Almost every ingredient you use will have some health or magical benefits. Think about these qualities while you cook and activate their energies, thereby adding a little magical boost to your ingredients. For example, I often use ginger in my Japanese cooking. Ginger is known to improve digestion and metabolism, reduce menstrual pain, and prevent inflammation. Magically, ginger is associated with fire and the Sun, and therefore energizing (good for boosting passion), and helps things happen more quickly (good for prosperity). As you cook, look up these qualities, add them to your journal, or simply call upon their powers (sing/hum).  

9. Wash Away the Negative Vibes

If you got your food from the store, you have no idea how many people touched it. When you wash your ingredients, you not only cleanse them of any germs, you also rid them of any negative energy. So, as you scrub and rinse, imagine clearing any yucky vibrations.

10. Gratitude. Gratitude.Gratitude

Say thank you to your ingredients. Be grateful for the recipe’s author. Thank the ancestors who passed these recipes down. Give thanks for the tools you use. Fold these gratitudes into you cooking song.

11. Ask for Help

Teamwork makes the dream work! Everyone has more fun and feels more valuable when they have a role to play. Ask your children to set the table, or spin the salad, or get the butter… But, more importantly, ask your partner for support. Do not let resentment creep into your food preparation. Ask for help in washing pots and pans, making a sauce, preparing drinks, cleaning up the table… Do NOT allow your partner to sit and watch and relax. I don’t care if they were at work all day and you were home. It’s more fun when we all pitch in.

Photo by   Hannah Busing     @hannahbusing

Photo by Hannah Busing @hannahbusing

12. Make a Beautiful Table

This is a major bonus! Something magical happens when you add cloth napkins to an everyday meal. Put out silverware in advance. Sit at the table (not in front of the television). Light a candle (add your intention). Your cooking is worthy of a beautiful table, even if it is Mac and Cheese.

13. Did I Mention Gratitude?

It’s so important, I am mentioning it twice. When you feel like you don’t have enough time, money, love, support, food… the best cure is to shift your perspective to gratitude. When you focus on not having enough, you attract the state of not having enough. So, I implore you - take stock of what you have. Give thanks for the people at your table, and the plates on the table, and the food on the plates. Appreciate the running water, and electricity, and knives, and cups. You have so much! When you live from this place of thanks, you will always feel greater joy, meaning, and power in your life.

Now, you do you!

  1. How do you feel about your cooking right now? On a 1-10 scale, how do you feel about making food? (1 is bad, 10 is awesome).

  2. Pick one or two of these magical techniques and try them in your own cooking practice.

  3. Reflect on how you feel after trying these tips. How do you feel now?

  4. Leave me a comment, or post a photo of you cooking and tag @magicalhomemaking.
    I want to know what you tried and how it is working for you.

  5. Share this post with someone who could use a little more fun in the kitchen.

    If you liked this article and are excited to make your cooking more fun and magical, write “I’m fired up” in the comments.

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